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Get Ready To Stop Hating Your Email Thanks To Collabrate

Oh, email. I almost feel sorry for you when I think about how pretty much everyone hates you. We love to complain about how much time you take up, inboxes that are too full, and even the fact that we can’t seem to keep you organized. We hate how you interrupt our flow when we’re working hard… but everyone knows that email is an essential tool that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


However, just because email is here to stay doesn’t mean that it can’t be better than what it is. In fact, I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t think that email is do for a major upgrade. Perhaps, even, an upgrade like Collabrate.


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Collabrate is brand new cloud-based email archiving system that “plays well with others.” What they mean by that is that they’ve transformed email into a collaborative system that works across an entire team, bringing collaboration, tagging, and archiving all under one roof. They’ve created tools that let you archive emails, codify them, or set specific tags. They also have collaborative tools that will help any small or midsize business streamline communication across their entire organization.


Collabrate reports that the “average business user” gets and sends 109 emails daily. That many emails translates into workers spending 25-30% of their time managing their email, plus another 18% of their time searching for information in their inboxes. That means that almost 50% of any worker’s time is wasted on managing info rather than, you know, working. It only makes sense to cut that wasted time down with a tool like Collabrate.


The site just launched in June and is currently entering into closed beta. They’re searching for partners with between five and 100 employees using Office 365 or Exchange email servers to be their number one customers. Sound like you or your startup? Ready to be more efficient, communicative, an collaborative? Head on over and request to be one of their beta users today.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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