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The online desktop and office tools are a great contribution for team work for groups in which members are far away from each other. is one of these online offices, with some interesting features to bear in mind.

Other examples of this kind of tools are Google Docs, created by Google, or, also reviewed in, which you can read about here. The good thing about is that you can share your files and projects with others, without them having to be registered as users. This will contribute to save time because others can use the online tools right away without undergoing a registration process.

The advantage gained by using this kind of services is proven already. They take out the pressure of sending back and forth big files through e-mail, not to mention the confusion that multiple files generated by each end user will create. That difficulty is overcome by users accessing to the same file and making the necessary comments or changes directly on it. Almost every kind of files may be uploaded, such as jpg or pdf formats, spreadsheets, and many others. This assures that Collabor8online will be a useful tool for a wide variety of users and different kinds of projects.

You can use the‘s service through different pricing plans, with more or less features according to the one you choose. The Premium service is available for ?49, which is about $75. The Hosted category is available for ?25 ($38) although it doesn’t include some features such as Comments & Discussions, or Project Calendars.

One way or another, anyone will get a good help by managing any kind of projects through this online office. In Their Own Words

Your cloud based cost-effective solution to managing projects, teams and individuals. Collabor8 online project management software puts you in charge of tasks, calendars and files.

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