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Collaber.comThere are more than a handful of platforms that make for online team collaboration. If none of these seems to suit your tastes, you might as well consider paying the Collaber website a visit.


You are also advised to do so if you already use and like platforms of this kind and are on the lookout for the new developments that the most recent newcomers to the scene bring about.

In this particular case, all the usual goodies like document and picture sharing are included alongside standards such as discussion and chat tools. Calendars are likewise included, along with unified account management and login.

You can learn about system requirements by following the link which is featured on the main page. For its part, an exhaustive FAQ file is included, and you can watch a demo whenever you wish, too.

Collaber works on Windows, Linux and Mac setups. A mobile version is on the works, and it will no doubt give this new initiative added oomph and presence in what is becoming quite a crowded market.

Multilingual versions are likewise underway, and the company is looking for translators to assist them in the process. You can get in touch with the team as regards that matter or any other consideration using the provided contact forms. In Their Own Words

“Collaber brings a Virtual Office Environment for your team to share files, events, tasks, manage projects and get the work done as if they are all located in the same location, no matter where the members are physically located. It keeps your data safe and secure.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a useful tool for team collaboration and development.

Some Questions About

What sets it apart from other related applications on the WWW today?

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