– Shopping The Other Way Around

CoinMad.comI am not entirely sure how successful this site can become, but you can’t point your finger at CoinMad and accuse it of not being original. It provides an alternative to the way people buy and sell items online that is quite radical.

Let me explain it all to you. Through the site, people can “post” virtual amounts of money in order to be approached by retailers who want to dispose of something. That is, the site reverses the way people have traditionally shopped online – they make clear how much they are ready to spend on anything, and then they are contacted by these retailers that deem the price the individuals posted to begin with as a fair one.

In the site’s parlance, these amounts are “coins”. And the fact of posting them online is referred to as the act of “inserting coins”. The opposite concept is that of “grabbing coins” – it stands as the act of contacting someone who has inserted coins in order to make a deal and grab the money.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t know whether or not this will make history. But it is good to see new, different approaches to something as tried and tested as eCommerce. In Their Own Words

“Buy and sell everything… in a different way :)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are looking for other ways to shop online are certain to find it worthy of a perusal.

Some Questions About

Will people take to this in a massive way?