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Coffeenatic.comAll you java nuts out there looking for a new twist on your cup o’ joe, take a look at

This site links coffee drinkers from across the globe, and lets them share the ways they love their morning brew. Users can browse the lists of coffees that others either love or loathe. Coffees are organized into specific categories, such as brand, region, and flavor. Each brew is rated from one to five stars, based on quality, and one to five dollar signs, based on price. Furthermore, there is a recipe section that provides instructions on how to make delicious coffee specialties. Choose which ingredients you would like in your special coffee treat, whether it is chocolate shavings or coffee liquor, and you will be provided with all of the tasty recipes that include that item. In Their Own Words

“The best way to express your love to coffee.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a coffee fiend myself, I found the reviews of user-recommended coffees to be helpful and interesting. The pricing and quality rating particularly helped to gauge which brew is worth the investment. Furthermore, the site is simple, yet well-designed.

Some Questions About

How could links with social networks attract potential users? What other features may be added to the site to further engage users and bring them together? How could a coffee news section add interesting information and further involve users?