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CodeYear.comYou have already started the year with the resolve to get in shape. Which is just great. But what about taking things into a more intellectual level, and learn something such as coding? It’s nowhere as difficult or tricky as you might think. Certainly not when you can count on services like Code Year to help you out.

Presented by Codecademy, Code Year can be defined as a sort of learning program that’s been specially created for those who aren’t really technically-minded, but who have always been interested in coding. If you’re one such person, signing up for Code Year will give you the chance to learn how to put together sites and apps, bit by bit. Registering for Code Year will result in you receiving a weekly interactive lesson, straight in your inbox. These lessons are going to gently guide you through all that could give a newcomer any kind of headache, until you’ve finally figured out how to create both websites and self-sustained applications.

So, Code Year gives you the chance to start 2012 doing something completely different with your time. There’s no guarantee you’ll learn anything, of course. That depends on how seriously you take the whole program. But it’s one of the more natural ways in which you could learn how to write code. And nothing’s changing that. In Their Own Words

Make your New Year’s resolution learning to code. Sign up on Code Year to get a new interactive programming lesson sent to you each week and you’ll be building apps and web sites before you know it.

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How many people will actually learn to code? How many will stick around, and reach the point where they can create apps and sites all by themselves?