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The website is organized in a menu at the top with a button for each game platform. Clicking on those will take you to the articles you can buy for them. There are products for DS/GBA, Wii, Xbox and Xbox 360, GCN, PS3, PS2, and PSP.

Besides the product catalog, in this site you will be able to find a Blog section with the latest news about video games for you to keep up to date in this matter. As well, an archive of older posts is available in case you want to check some past news.

The site lets you subscribe to a newsletter too so that you can get in your e-mail the latest news and articles.

You will also be able to read the return policies of the store in order to buy safely and without the fear of getting stuck with a wrong or a faulty item. Usually, returns are accepted within thirty days of your purchase, unless the product is proven to be faulty, which will allow you to make the return after that deadline.

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