search cancel – Rails Plugin for Bundling is a RubyOnRails plugin for bundling together Javascript and CSS, so instead of having fifteen lines of code, you’ll have a tidy two lines. Thus, you’ll have less links to concern yourself with on your Rails enabled pages.


Using bundle-fu doesn’t require a separate config file, there are no server restarts, nor will you have spend your precious time rewriting existing assets include code. Furthermore, Bundle-fu regenerates bundles as you modify files or change the include order, it puts bundles in javascripts/cache and stylesheets/cache, and rewrites relative URLs in your CSS files, so you won’t have broken images. What Bundle-fu does not do is compress CSS or Javascript as the maker of the plugin—one Tim Harper, doesn’t believe it enhances performance. The download is available under Google Code. In Their Own Words

“Web 2.0 sites have lots of tiny javascript/css files, which causes one extra round trip per file to the server and back! This is bad! Bundle-fu throws it all up into a big package and sends it out all at once.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Having many tiny links and files slows down your download time, however, Bundle-fu doesn’t require any additional xml config files and makes asset bundling possible with merely two lines of code. Bundle reduces the amount of links you’ll need, and make your coding neater.

Some Questions About

Will compression be added? Does it work on ASP or PHP?

Author : Siri Marshall

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