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Is your business one in which you receive clients on a clinic, a spa, a gym or a massages establishment? Then the scheduling of these clients must be an important daily challenge to keep in order. is an online app where you will find a lot of help in organizing your clients’ appointments.

At you will find all the features that this online software offers, and you will find it difficult not to get it for your business. A free trial is offered for thirty days, so you can leave out every doubt you may have.

The good thing is that your clients can register themselves on the calendar over the internet, or if your employee is taking a phone call appointment she or he just enters the date and time of that visit. The program will send reminders by mail in an effort to lower the number of no shows.

Everything is done for you online, and in case you need to make some changes on your schedule like deleting appointments or changing their order, it is as easy as dragging and dropping the selected item.

Do you have more than one premise? Then there is no need to worry and yet more need of using The system allows you to manage the different locations of your businesses. You won’t have to log out from one account and into another one, everything is made simple at Coconutcalendar.

Other great features come with the website’s service, among which you will find the chance to sync your account with Google or Outlook calendar to see your appointments from those programs. Besides, you can print whole reports for any given periods to see how your business is evolving. You can promote through Facebook and other social networks that you accept online appointments, and in this way increase the amount of costumers also. In Their Own Words

Refreshingly simple appointment scheduling.

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Do they face some sort of competition from Google Calendar?

Author : Charly Zaks

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