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Cobocards.comFlashcards have always been a winning number among students, and that fact is only underlined by services like the one that is being reviewed right now. In principle, it is an online flashcard creator, and the flashcards you can create through it are not only meant for online consultation but they can also be printed and shared with whomever you desire.

As it is only appropriate, when you are creating the flashcard you can include media like pictures alongside graphs that will let you apprehend difficult concepts more or less on the spot.

One of the aspects of this site that I like best is that it effectively makes for online collaboration. That is, you can use either Skype or the chat functionality that is part of the site and interact with fellow students that way. It can’t be denied that nothing beats studying with others – it certainly puts an end to procrastination and related attitudes. Also, the contact with other students is always an enriching experience as it broadens your mind considerably. That feature alone makes the site deserve a visit at the very least. In Their Own Words

“Cobocards are virtually created flashcards. You can print them and study offline, edit them again and again, compare with older versions, check the status of your knowledge, upload pictures and graphs, include formula with LaTeX, share your flashcards with friends, set a deadline for exams…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any study process is handled far more dynamically if it involves others. This site makes that possible, and in a very direct fashion at that.

Some Questions About

Is this service provided at no cost?