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CobaltBox.comCobaltBox is a platform that intends to put an end to the information overload that has sadly become the defining note of the WWW. In order to do so, this platform aims to bring a fully personalized way of experiencing the Internet: using widgets that are overlaid on any page the user visits, and that are employed to display only information relevant to the user.

Of course, each user has a profile that collects his preferences. And how a widget appears on each site is also a matter of preferences.

An obvious use for this: displaying relevant items at an eCommerce site, in a way that is unobtrusive and that is also highly accurate. Links to general information sites such as Wikipedia can be included, and that can only give shoppers a more thorough experience. After all, they can learn all there is about most everything without having to stray from the page that they are viewing. They can also compare prices at sites like Amazon and eBay with no additional effort.

For the time being, only Mozilla Firefox is supported. That is the one and only browser that can display the widgets, and in order to see them you must download and install the provided plugin. There is no need to register at all, and that is always a big plus. In Their Own Words

“Cobalt Box is a platform which allows developers to create and deploy widgets (mini-applications) to any webpage on the internet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cobalt Box adds a different dimension to surfing the Web, and one that effectively remedies the saturation of information many of us deal with regularly.

Some Questions About

What points are going to be fine-tuned next?