– Centralizing Your Whole Digital Life

Coaloo.comCoaloo is a new platform that aims to become the port of call for those who want to show others their true online selves, without having to send them from one site to the other just to gather all the digital pieces of their identities. Coaloo aggregates everything, so that a person who visits the site will know what he would know about you if he were to visit your Facebook profile, you Flickr account, your Digg page…

And in addition to letting you consolidate who you are online, Coaloo lets you network just as you do when you are on Facebook.

In this way, you can take your already-existing relationships one step further.

Part of the appeal of the site also lies in the fact that users will be able to both manage and market the online services that they can render and sell them through Coaloo. This means that in addition to aggregating content Coaloo can take care of paid-for-affiliate services and referrals.

Naturally, it will take time for something like this to catch on – people should start joining the site and inviting others to follow suit. That is made partially easier by how simple it is to create an account. Let’s see if that suffices to begin with, or if people will just wait for Facebook to roll out similar features. In Their Own Words

“What is Coaloo and why am I here? Coaloo is a new and real social network and you have been personally invited to join the network from the very beginning and for free! Coaloo will do more, cares more and is more fun.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The basic premise (creating a network that lets you bring every part of your online life together and capitalize on it) is more than interesting.

Some Questions About

Won’t people find it all too confusing at first?