– Craigslist Meets YouTube describes itself as Craigslist meets YouTube.

It is a free online classified ad site that aims to take online advertising to its next logical level — video classifieds. It says it is the first video online classified ad site in the country (it is available in 140 cities in the US). Another way the site distinguishes itself is by saying it is ‘socially conscious,’ which they define as refusing ads with sexual content (they point out that 20% of Craigslist has sexually explicit content). Right now, they are sponsoring a contest for the best video contest and the winner will receive $5,000 and a trip to Arizona. While it is obvious the site is new and reaching for an audience, they are onto something and likely just a little ahead of the curve on the next generation of online classifieds. In Their Own Words combines the best of with the video uploading capabilities of to create the first Nationwide-Video Classified Ads website. allows users the ability to post Free Nationwide Classified Ads, in an easy to use format.
We currently are available in all 140 Cities nationwide, expanding Monthly.
Our 9 main categories are broken down into over 160 sub-categories, content is regionalized, so if your in Nebraska ‘surfboards’ won’t show up as one of your ‘For Sale’ subcategory choices. All of this in an social community that is void of Adult ‘Sexually Explicit/Pornographic ‘ material.
We have created an alternative for the socially conscious user, most people are not aware that up to 20% of the content posted on is considered sexually explicit. We have adopted a zero-tolerance policy regarding the posting of pornographic material. By not allowing any adult content or adult personals, users and employers do not have to be concerned about any social ramifications from using

Why It Might Be A Killer

Videos are changing everything in our lives – both virtual and real. It makes sense that online classified ads would become video ads, and it is likely the genre will only get more sophisticated from there. This site is taking a risk by sponsoring this new format and will likely struggle to compete with some of the established sites, but at the least they can hope for a buy out or merger to build the technology and the comfort level with this new format.

Some Questions About

Are people ready for online video classifieds, especially when that is all that is offered on a site? Is there a reason Craigslist has not embraced this technology yet (or maybe they have and I have just not seen it yet)? Also, why do they not allow both video and text they really expect everyone to shoot a video of their furniture instead of just taking photos? What is their business plan? And, what about, a competitor? What is the difference between the sites?


They are sponsoring a contest for the best online video, offering a $5,000 prize and a free trip to Scottsdale, Arizona.