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CloudShoppr.comCloudShoppr is the newest way to shop with your friends on the Social Web. Through this site (which is in light beta but fully usable already) you will be able to get product recommendations and suggestions from the ones who make up your social graph, and whose opinion will speak more directly to you than the opinion of some reviewer you know nothing about that waxes eloquently on the virtues of any old product on Amazon or Etsy.

Additionally, this site makes for gifting others in a really practical way. You see, you can get really accurate recommendations by creating a list in which you individualize all the possible presents for a significant one. This list can then be read by those you would like to get a word of advice from, and arriving at the perfect gift will be done in much less time than it would take by any other means.

A site like this one would have been enormously useful at any time of year, but with Christmas just around the corner (and keeping in mind the tendency that most have to leave shopping for the very last minute) its success is nothing short of guaranteed. In Their Own Words

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Why It Might Be A Killer

If you still have a lot of shopping to do this Christmas, this is bound to save the day.

Some Questions About

What improvements will be made before the site exits beta?