– Put Your Business Cards To Work

CloudContacts.comCloudContacts is a web service whereby your business cards are put to work. This means that instead of storing your business cards in a pile at your office you can use them to connect with your business contacts instantly.

Such an approach is possible because this system lets you import your business cards into different e-mail applications and connect on the majority of business social networks.

The advantages of a service like this are many. For instance, you can maximize your offline contacts online and increase productivity in the process. Likewise, you can improve your sales figures and conduct more effective campaigns thanks to the enhanced communication a system like this entails.

This system is implemented by shipping your business cards to the company so that they can process them. Once this has been done, you will be able to connect with your contacts online, and start networking with them on the different business social networks available.

The CloudContacts website also includes concise information on pricing and supported territories. So far, this service is available to those who live in the United States, Canada and Western Europe/UK. You can place an order by following the provided link, and payment can be handled via the web commerce company PayPal. In Their Own Words

“CloudContacts takes your business cards and puts them to work for you. Instead of storing your business cards in a pile on your desk or in one physical location, CloudContacts allows you to access your contacts at any time. You can import your business cards into many email applications and connect on most business social networks. Connect your contacts today with CloudContacts!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for enhanced communication that will further both productivity and efficiency.

Some Questions About

Which other territories are planned to be supported in the future?