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Closetassistant.comIf the most memorable part of the movie Clueless was Cher’s rotating closet and her computer program that rated outfits, Closet Assistant is the site for you. The web site allows users to upload, store, and manage all articles of clothing.


The clothes are itemized and organized according to type of clothing, and there is the option to include information such as color, size, and purchase price. Users can easily scroll through all of their clothing options and select outfits for events. Closet Assistant also has a feature where others can vote on your outfit. And think you have to pay for Closet Assistant? As if. In Their Own Words

“Closet Assistant is an online application that provides its members with a centralized access location to maintain their personal wardrobe.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Closet Assistant is not just fun, it has practical elements as well- it can track spending habits and clothing lists can easily be printed off for inventory. However, the most exciting part about the service is being able to select outfits, and any clothes horse should be galloping towards the site.

Some Questions About

Will the fact that uploading the information is so labor intensive deter those that are Closet Assistant’s target audience- those who have a lot of clothing?


Author : Mery Fisher

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