– Aggregating Photos On Your iPhone

Clixtr.comWe could term this new iPhone app a social camera. It enables its users to upload photographs they have taken using their iPhones, and by looking at the existing GPS data they are grouped in common albums.

Obviously, such a functionality will be interesting when it comes to outdoor events like concerts and so forth. If you attend a Goo Goo Dolls gig, by uploading the pictures just once you will have them grouped with other people who attended the very same concert. Fans are understandably keen on something like it, as it gives them a sort of overall insight into every corner of the venue.

Creating an event of your own to which people can add photos to is an easy task. And visualizing them all is equally easy using the stream view of the iPhone.

The main asset of this photo sharing app (which currently retails at under $ 3 at the App Store) is that the approach is not on who took the photo, but rather on where it was taken, IE the actual location. That redounds to a time-saving advantage that might seem superficial, but it is not. Inviting people manually can be a real chore, and it is good to have an alternative to that. In Their Own Words

“Clixtr is the ultimate and only social camera.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

An app that is based on location is good for a change, and from a practical point of view is a real time-saver.

Some Questions About

Will other mobile devices be eventually supported?