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ClixPharmacy.comBased in Gibraltar, Clix is a fully-licensed pharmacy that offers generic and original branded drugs. It actually stocks rare and difficult-to-obtain medications, and it can have them shipped instantly to any part of the world without asking for a prescription in exchange.

All the available medication is easily findable using a direct search interface, and the site also includes a comprehensive list of categories that is made up of items such as Allergies, Diabetes, Antibiotics, Skin & Hair Care, Muscle Relaxants, Pain Management… the list is a long one, and any major condition is bound to be featured there. And medication that for one reason or the other deserves to be specially highlighted (IE, because it can be had at a price that beats the one charged by US pharmacies hands down) is featured on the main page.

On the whole, more than 2000 prescription drugs can be bought through this online pharmacy. And it is also very important to mention that pet medications are purchasable through the site, too. In Their Own Words

Clix Pharmacy is an entirely new breed of internet pharmacy. We offer a safe, secure, confidential and convenient way to service online prescriptions.

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It gives people all over the world a ready chance to buy drugs without having a prescription.

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How long does it usually take for items to be delivered to the US from Gibraltar?