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Clingphoto.comGreat news for those of you who could think of nothing better to pass the time than taking photos. This new DC-based company is here to let you do much more with them than just printing them and carrying them on your wallet, or sharing them on social networking sites. Clingphoto has been created to let you turn any photo of yours into prints that can stick to pretty much any surface.

This is done by using an imbedded electrostatic charge. That is, any print you create through this site will cling to any surface, without you having to resort to tape, pins or nails. prints can stick everywhere, and they can be moved around without leaving the slightest of residues. Great for redecorating your office without running the risk of damaging the walls, and having to paint them over.

In addition to basic prints, you can also order collages and prints wrapped in custom frames. And if all goes well and the company manages to stick around (pardon the pun), it’ll begin letting you order large format prints in the future. In Their Own Words

Easily upload images from your desktop to create custom sized, high quality printed photos that cling to any surface.

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Do you get a discount if you buy lots of prints at the same time?