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Clikitysplit.comIt’s time for the old, static web search pages to move over and make room for ClikitySplit. The website allows users to search a city for restaurants and hotels, which ClikitySplit displays on an interactive map.


Users can click on a dot to get more information about an establishment, and ClikitySplit offers advertisers unique “billboards” to provide more extensive information (for instance, online hotel bookings or video information). A scrolling ticker allows locations to advertise specials. In the future, ClikitySplit will also search for Real Estate, entertainment, and tourist information. Finally, the map is insanely quick to load and display information. In Their Own Words

“ClikitySplit is the world wide web’s first and only visual, rich multi-media, dynamic, interactive, marketing engine. It is both the surfers dream (visual, easy-to-use, powerful), and the advertiser’s magic bullet (powerful visual marketing tools).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

From a user’s perspective, ClikitySplit sets itself apart from Google, Yahoo, and similar web pages by plotting results on a map. From an advertiser’s perspective, it goes above and beyond other sites because it does not prioritize search results- locations are displayed geographically rather than vertically. Its advertising is also unobtrusive and based on a “pull” model. ClikitySplit also has plans to provide its services on mobile phones, a technology for which it is ideally suited.

Some Questions About

Will users continue to use Google and Yahoo out of pure convenience? Can ClikitySplit, even using an innovative approach, stand out in this crowded market?

Author : Mery Fisher

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