– Share Everything From A Single App is an application that aims to do nothing short of revolutionizing the way in which people have traditionally shared data online. And by the looks of it, the whole service is already on the right track. basically augments your trusty old clipboard with an action bar that will let you do a lot of sharing at once. When using, it is possible to have a file shared to Facebook and Twitter, and also to have it used with other applications and web services. For example, if what you cut on your clipboad is a text document you will be able not only to have it spread on these two networking sites (and plenty more), but actually read what Wikipedia has got to say about it at the same time you can execute a Google Search.

It is all done by using CTRL and C, right as you would do when copying the file to your clipboard. You do that when the application is running, and you will be able to have the image or text or song shared wherever you want

In a certain way, turns every single file that you could want to have shared or spread online into a hyperlink. Obviously, how useful you will find this depends on how much of an intensive sharer you are. If you are even a bit of an oversharer, then this is a service you will invariably find appealing. You will save lots of clicks to launch applications and services – here, everything boils down to using CTRL and C in order to get things spread. In Their Own Words transforms everything in your computer into a hyperlink.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns the sharing of files into something faster and far, far more intuitive.

Some Questions About

What about are operating systems other than Windows? Will they ever be supported?