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Click2Voice.comClick2Voice is an innovative web-based application that allows you to make free calls to 29 countries. Simply input your calling data, including country code and telephone number, and the country code and telephone number you wish to be connected to.

Click2Voice will connect the calls using high-quality VoIP technology, using the telephone device you already have. Registered Click2Voice members have access to their call history, personal profile, and are able to make free 15 minute telephone calls. Click2Voice also allows users to remain anonymous, and unregistered users are able to make calls up to 10 minutes in duration. In Their Own Words

“Click2Voice allows you to make free outbound long distance toll calls to almost any telephone number in the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Click2Voice does not require users to download any software or purchase any additional hardware to use the service. Click2Voice integrates VoIP technology with existing telephone devices and is compatible with all land line telephones (PSTN), mobile devices, and SIP-based softphones. Click2Voice offers no-strings-attached, free, calling to international locations.

Some Questions About

When are they going to add more destinations for making calls?