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Cleverset.comCleverset is a service that aggregates information about website users, so that online companies can be better informed about their users. It is a dynamic behavior model, based on observations of what users do on various sites.

Cleverset uses information about users to assess what they are looking for and interested in. Then they provide recommendations to site owners so that they can better tailor their products to consumer habits. To start using CleverSet, sign up on the site, and you will then receive an email with a unique retailer ID and further instructions. Once you are registered, you will get an API code to add to your site. For pricing, contact the Sales department (see e-mail address below). In Their Own Words

“ike an experienced and successful salesperson, CleverSet’s recommendations service expertly assesses what each individual website visitor is interested in, shopping for, and most likely to purchase as they navigate through your website. Instead of using canned, static rules to suggest additional items to buy, CleverSet’s innovative technology platform makes merchandise recommendations based on powerful relational behavioral modeling logic. What makes CleverSet’s merchandise recommendations so relevant and so effective for our customers is the fact that our platform collects and analyzes the widest range of customer and clickstream information among any commercially available merchandise recommendations system. Simply put, more data allows CleverSet’s to deliver more relevant suggestions to your customers, increasing their ability to discover and purchase the specific items most interesting and appealing to them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the huge amount of internet start-ups surfacing, everyone is looking for ways to accurately target their users. Cleverset can provide information and analysis about website users, so that companies can better market their products and know where to advertise.

Some Questions About

If more and more sites use Cleverset to determine their marketing strategies, will this edge out some of the competition in some categories…and result in less clients for Cleverset itself?