Can’t Keep Track Of Your Finances? Cleo Is The A.I. Assistant You Need

Some people are religious about sticking to a budget, others have no clue where the money goes or how much is in the bank. Many of us would like to do a better job of managing our finances, but we can’t find the time to enter the numbers or figure out what the numbers actually mean.


Regardless of where you fall along the spectrum of budget mindfulness, you’re bound to appreciate Cleo, an A.I. assistant for dealing with your personal finances.


For those who already keep tidy records, Cleo provides daily, weekly, and monthly budget readings. Graphs on your dashboard swiftly break down how money is spent and how much unspent budget remains. Cleo also displays useful reminders of what bills will still come due before month’s end and how much you owe.




These features are of course useful for everyone. For those who go about their days with little grasp of their finances, Cleo makes it very easy to view budgeting and to see how paychecks get spent… However, if finances were only about seeing the numbers, we’d probably all be better at managing our dollars. Most of us struggle.


Cleo is like having a friendly and intelligible accountant on your side, available at your beck and call. It’s designed to answer questions about your finances quickly and clearly. Instead of opening a zillion accounts, entering all those passwords and usernames, the app instead delivers details almost instantly. Find out your balances – how much you’ve spent at a particular place or during a certain time frame – just by asking.


That’s right: No work, no data entry, no calculations – just important financial information retrieved lightening fast. What’s more, Cleo can advise you on how to manage your money. Need to know if a purchase fits your spending plans? Stop estimating and spending blindly. Cleo can tell you.


Let’s be honest. A lot of us double-down on financial woes by not asking for help from others, out of risk of learning embarrassing truths – or triggering the wrath of a partner with tighter purse strings. With Cleo, you can have all your questions answered without any of the judgment or emotional baggage that comes with asking someone else.


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