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Cleepr.comCleepr is an easy way to search for music videos from your favorite artists. You can choose from one of the tags of the band names with font size based on the popularity of that particular search, or you can enter an artist name on your own.

The result is a grid of music videos from that band via YouTube shown as thumbnails listing their rating, view count, and the title of the video. If you click on a video, a screen pops up within the page allowing you to view the music video without having to change pages or sites. If you don’t click out of the video when it ends, the videos continue to play in order as if on a playlist. You can also read a bit about the band you’ve searched for with the few lines of information on that particular artist courtesy of Wikipedia that comes up in the right top corner of the page. So the next time you want to search for Coldplay’s newest video without having to reload the screen each time you want to check out one of the search results, try Cleepr. In Their Own Words

“cleepr, the music video search engine”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s easy to use and straight forward. Not having to reload the page every time you want to check out a video makes it a lot less of a hassle than when you use YouTube and have to go back and forth to see the search results. The fact that videos play through like a playlist is also a nice feature. They also have a widget available for you to take advantage of the site through Netvibes or Google Pages.

Some Questions About

Will they fix the window that pops up when you watch a video so that you can see the full YouTube box? Currently, when a video comes up, you can’t see the bottom, so you can’t control volume or try going pack to a particular part of the video.