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ClearFormat.comA very significant percentage of corporate communications are carried out via e-mail. Both customers and partners are contacted this way, alongside current and potential investors.

As such, it can’t be argued that the mail infrastructure of any company merits at least a certain degree of unification and customization. That is what this site is all about.

To put it in simple words, ClearFormat is a marketing communications tool that makes corporate identity shine through in all outgoing e-mails. This is accomplished via the implementation of creative templates and marketing messages that are embedded at strategic points.

Moreover, the resources for tracking outbound e-mails are provided, and the efficacy of any marketing campaign can be easily monitored and weighed up that way, resulting in a statistical breakdown that leaves you in no doubt of where you and your brand stand.

At the end of the day, the team behind this project makes a very valid point: professional e-mail branding as a practice can increase the exposure and marketability of any corporation exponentially, and it is a true operational tool. If you agree with that stance, pay the site a visit by following the link that is displayed below in order to inform yourself about pricing considerations. In Their Own Words

“ClearFormat is a marketing communications tool that allows you to unify and attach your corporate identity to all outgoing emails. ClearFormat presents your organization with a unique opportunity to leverage the numerous standard outgoing business emails that are delivered daily to your valued customers and business partners, by providing a compelling new dimension to corporate branding and marketing. Internal email features are added to all your outgoing emails to give your company cutting edge intelligent emails with creative templates and embedded marketing messages.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any company that wishes to know if its marketing efforts are actually hitting the bulls’ eye will find this solution well-focused.

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