– Enhance Sales By Communicating Live is a tool that makes any site an interactive one. gives you the option of adding chat features to your site which can help enhance many aspects of communication on an ordinary lets you add an interactive chat to your website so users can communicate with sales representatives or other site users that have similar interests. also helps your site in the area of social marketing. The best way for a site to become popular is by having its users and customers do the promoting for you. With Clavardon users can invite their friends to join a website, get more exposure simply by giving your users a social network. serves as a sales enhancer as well because users can schedule an online appointment with sales managers and obtain all the necessary information they need to buy a product. Besides being able to answer any of the questions your customers have by chat there is navigation control so can really be interactive and control each others navigation. You can customize Clavardon to suit your brand; add your personal logo, change font and color styles, change or add a different language. With you can really cater to your customers in a way most sites cannot provide. In Their Own Words

“Clavardon (from French Clavarder, to chat) is a very innovative tool targeted for companies that sell products and services online. Clavardon allows visitors to chat with each other or with connected sales managers on a Website. Clavardon also provides the possibility to co-navigate (co-browse) interactively: visitors are able to control each others’ navigation.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is easy to navigate with a good deal of informative content. It is a plus that the site is available in English and French. There are also many screen shots of the application which is useful for those interested in the site. offers many useful features for commerce sites. Being able to connect live with customers is a great way to improve sales because you can answer any questions they may have and direct them towards useful information on the site.

Some Questions About could use a more attractive interface it is a bit dull. could also feature a list of sites that already are using the system and their thoughts on the product, this would give people visiting the site an idea of how it is used and how effective it is.