– Text Your Students

Classpager.comTeachers who complain that it isn’t easy to incorporate the latest technology on their classrooms have clearly not tried Classpager. If you’re a teacher and you’ve complained about such a thing, you’ll find this new service allows you to interact with your students via SMS, broadcast updates to them both during and after classes, and ask them questions in real time. They’ll also be able to ask you for help with any assignment they’re having trouble with, and get your timely assistance.

One of the big stumbling blocks of services such as this one is that parents are naturally reluctant to have teachers contact their children after school. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem when using ClassPager since everything’s crystal-clear. Parents can see all the messages that are being swapped, and check that everything’s kept within professional protocols.

And a really nice feature is that ClassPager lets you send group messages, and reach out to your whole class at once. It’s time-saving features like these what make the whole service so good, and a worthy entrant into a scene that’s slowly growing in depth. (See ClassParrot for a similar app – we originally featured it on Killerstartups here.) In Their Own Words

Text your classroom.

Some Questions About

When will services such as this one become standardized? What would it take for that to happen? Who should pick up the cause?