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ClassNotez.comIf your grades seem to be casting an ominous black cloud over your academic future, then this is the kind of site that might as well let you dispel that gloom for good. On you’ll be capable of buying (and also selling) all kind of study materials. These include not only (and obviously) class notes, but also exam study guides and even video tutorials. Registration to this site comes at no cost, and being a member of the site will let you not only conduct transactions with fellow students but also post all the questions you might feel like asking on the forums that are provided. So, you’ll be walking away from the site either with the study materials that you need, or with the knowledge that you’re after.

The ClassNotes marketplace is slowly spreading throughout the US. For the time being, only some Southeastern regions (such as Florida and Georgia) are supported. If you can’t wait until it comes to your State, then you might as well check a site like gripNote or Wise Campus instead – these cover the whole US already. In Their Own Words

ClassNotez is a website where you can buy or sell college study material.

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