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ClassifiedsGiant.comI assume you can tell what this site is all about by merely glancing at its name. The one thing that must be made clear is that ClassifiedsGiant.


com is a site that can be used at absolutely no cost. Posting an ad on the site is free. Browsing the ads that are featured is free. Buying anything through the site is free.

All the usual options for looking anything up are included. You are empowered to launch searches and specify both the State and the category. When it comes to the States that are supported, every State in the Union is taken into account and that includes Hawaii and Alaska. The list of categories, now, is made up of “Cars & Vehicles”, “Real Estate”, “Pets”, “Jobs”, “Services” and “For Sale”. Each one of these is broken down into several others – the “Jobs” category encompasses “Education”, “Fashion” and “Accounting/Finances” to name but three, whereas the “Cars & Vehicles” category touches upon “Cars”, “SUVs”, “Motorcycles”… you know how the list continues.

Now, the one question is whether people will go for something like this over Craiglist. I know which one I would choose. If you want to know yourself, simply pay the site a visit to arrive at your own conclusions. In Their Own Words

“Post free classifieds.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It covers the whole of the US, and it can be used at just no cost whatsoever.

Some Questions About

Can it compete with sites that have been around for much longer?

Author : Roger Hollings

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