– Send Handwritten Notes To Customers

ClassicThanks.comThere is no better way to win the hearts of customers than by giving them the idea your company places a personal value on them. That is not hard to do. But it is something that takes more time than you probably can afford. Anything that is personalized is unique by definition, and anything that is unique is something which takes effort and time to be created. And there is no way to get around that. Or is it? This new service comes along to shake things up quite a little. It basically lets companies handle customers in a personalized way, without having to try that hard at all.

Using ClassicThanks, you can have handwritten messages created and delivered to your customers as a token of gratitude for doing businesses with you. These are created following your instructions – you type the message, choose the card stock and the writing style to be used.

As far as strengthening relationships with already-existing customers goes, a service like this one is hard to fault. It will let you look after punters in the kind of way that can but bring new customers in – no company that gives people the idea that it cares about what it does goes unnoticed.

Pricing starts at $ 4.99. In Their Own Words

Building connections through handwriting.

Why It Might Be A Killer

No matter how much time you have to spare, this service well let you provide your customers with the kind of care and attention that will make them come back time after time.

Some Questions About

How many notes can you send like this? Which discounts are available for those who send large quantities?