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CityTweets.netThe suitably-titled City Tweets website is yet another addition to the family of web-based endeavors that aim to maximize the many uses the famed micro blogging platform has. Through this site you can find all about Twitter activity in any of the featured cities, as the website lists Tweets both from and about a given area.


The system itself is implemented in real time, and the cities which are taken into account can be easily accessed using the provided navigation menu. This is alphabetically-arrayed, and some of the featured cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles and Cedar Rapids to name but three. More cities are on the way, and you can always resort to the provided “Request a CityTweets Page for your City” link so that the place where you live becomes part of this online initiative.

Twitter has revolutionized the way people connect with each other and share information. As such, it is interesting to see new endeavors like this one come along and try to make this micro blogging platform yet more flexible and cogent. Make sure to pay CityTweets a visit if you want to know more and see this system in action. In Their Own Words

“The CityTweets Network is made up of individual pages that track (near) real-time Twitter activity for individual cities, listing Tweets from and about that area.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any Twitter-related endeavor has a ready public waiting for it.

Some Questions About

How many territories are planned to be included?

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