– U.S. Cities and Towns Info (CTI) is dedicated to providing its site visitors with comparative information about local U.

S. communities and services found in those communities. CTI’s information sources are from a variety of government agencies, research conducted by Moving Traffic, and research licensed from third parties. makes meaningful information out of raw data by comparing key attributes of each place against others in the U.S., creating powerful indexes that intelligently and objectively combine attributes and organizing information in an easy-to-understand format. Several features describe every location. Between them we can find High Points, which present the most outstanding features of each city and town, Comparative Stats, which helps you make sense out of raw stats and Powerful Analytical Tools that lets you find cities and towns similar to any one you chose. In Their Own Words

“Info on people, housing, transportation, jobs, colleges and universities, mortgages/real estate, commuting and more – over 50,000 pages covering 20,000+ communities.”

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If you are a student researching papers and homework, or you are an instructor, traveler, home buyer or simply a curious person, you will find this site extremely useful. It has all the information very well organized and it is very interesting to visit.

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Why doesn’t the site show some tourist information on every state?