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Citynerary.comBoth the ones who love traveling and those who have never really set off anywhere are going to find a website like Citynerary interesting. The site brings together itineraries for city trips, and more than 300 locations the world over are already included on the existing database.

These are submitted by users, and they all have a rating so that finding the right one should not be that difficult. The best-rated ones are actually highlighted on the main page, and so are the most visited places from the ones which are featured.

Each itinerary always includes the overall cost of the activities that it lists along with the time it would take to carry these out from start to finish, and the distance that is going to be traveled (in km). If you couple that with the Google Map that is provided, I think it is fair to say that you will quickly realize if such an itinerary is suitable for you and for those who are going to be with you, like your family or your friends.

That is why I said at the beginning that this site would be interesting both to people who are used to travelling and to the ones who haven’t done it before: the former will find new ways to enjoy these places that they might already know, whereas the latter will know exactly what to expect if they (finally) decide to see the world, and be safe in the knowledge they are not running into complications that could be avoided. In Their Own Words

“Your next city, your next itinerary.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site can be joined and used for free, and the use of templates for the creation of itineraries gives everything a very coherent and unified feel.

Some Questions About

Which cities have the biggest number of itineraries so far?