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CityMove.comThe tagline of this new service is “The Best Place To Find A Mover”, and it aims to let users do that by providing them with quite a novel service. We could define CityMove has a reverse auction moving marketplace in which users can go and find a mover, whereas movers can bid on these jobs that have been submitted by users.


That is, users will be able to submit a job on the site and once that has been done multiple movers in the area will bid for their businesses.

The process of posting a job is completely anonymous up to the point in which a user chooses a mover. In practice, this translates into no annoying phone calls from movers pressuring you to choose them. This system also has the distinct advantage that since multiple movers bid for the job you have posted, you are going to get a competitive flat-rate or hourly-rate bid. Given that you only need to submit a job once for multiple bids, and that movers are actually reviewed by people like you, this site effectively makes finding a mover a far easier and more reliable task. In Their Own Words

“Get the best prices as movers compete for your business.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can let you save time and energy when it comes to picking up the mover that will best suit your needs.

Some Questions About

In which cities and/or States is this available? How quickly is it going to expand itself?

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