– A Network For Finding Hot Spots

CityLifeCard.comA social network that is actually focused on the needs of both business owners and consumers, City Life will let members single out the best places to buy in the city they live in while giving merchants exposure to a public that is sympathetic to begin with.

This public spreads the word about these services that are a cut above the rest, and merchants themselves have marketing tools such as newsletters and virtual tours.

In that way, they can get through to customers at only a fraction of what they would have to pay otherwise.

In finishing, it could be said this is a new platform that enables merchants to rely on a quick one-stop resource to market their services online, whereas members can network among themselves and find out which ones are the hottest spots where they live, as well as the most recent deals. And a platform like City Life also makes for staying in the loop on the latest trends, live music and gossip in their respective cities. City Life, then, offers a nice mixture of “traditional” networking with a hefty dose of offscreen interaction. In Their Own Words

“There are so many great places in the City. We just want to introduce them to you at a discount. CityLife is not just a travel guide or reward card, but both all tied into one! We show the consumers where the hot spots are in the City and our merchants reward our CityLife members with deals for their patronage. It’s that simple…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very good blend of networking with ecommerce, and one that clearly benefits both sides.

Some Questions About

How do you sign up? What information must you furnish?