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City Auto is one of the largest pre-owned and wholesale auto dealers in the Southern US, and this its website. lets you view the company’s full inventory online.


City Auto has over 1,000 quality cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, in a huge variety of makes and models, and for all budgets. And all of its authorized salesmen have got their very own inventory of vehicles. Therefore, when buying anything the deal is going to be done just between you and the salesman of your choice. There is no manager or middlemen to get in the way, and make you lose time. And City Auto also offers financing on all vehicles.

To browse the site is a breeze. You can sort vehicles by year, mileage and even color. All you have to do is to choose the relevant criteria from the provided drop down boxes, and your search results will change on the spot. And you can also set down a price range, and have it instantly applied to your car search.

City Auto has consistently been ranked among the premier car dealers in America. Auto Dealer Monthly (the best magazine of its kind) ranked City Auto as the top Independent Retailer of the year in 2007, and # 1 in Internet sales during 2007.

The staff at City Auto explains that its success is based in two things, great prices and great customer service. Visit, select a car category (or view a particular salesman’s inventory) and start seeing for yourself what makes this company so special.

Author : Mery Fisher

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