– Giving Sports A Social Touch

CitizenSports.comCitizen Sports is a networking site that is certain to keep fans of sports coming back for more. Generally speaking, it will let you socialize around your favorite sport (or sports) and have a truly comprehensive experience in a centralized place.

To begin with, you can watch live games with your friends and also receive news and stats in case you sadly missed the most recent game.

Besides, the site makes room for fantasy sports since you can play them online and pretend to be a much better coach than the absolute incompetent that is actually in charge.

The list of sports that are covered couldn’t be more comprehensive, as NBA, NHL and NFL are included along with Formula One, Arena Football, Golf and Olympics. In that sense, the site is sure to hold something for everybody.

In addition to that, a nice set of apps for mobile phones is already featured. Both iPhones and Android phones are already taken into account, and it will be interesting to see if other devices are eventually supported. In Their Own Words

“We think sports are even more fun with your friends around.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

An effort has been made to include every sport that you could imagine, and it has paid off – the site definitely has something in store for everybody.

Some Questions About

What enhancements are forthcoming?