– Fighting Typosquatters

CitizenHawk.comThere’s a new trend in which people make use of typo directed traffic for their own profit. These new cybersquatters usually make use of lascivious ads and spyware to rake in the profits.

For brands this is a major problem as it puts a rather large dent in their image. CitizenHawk, a brand management company is targeting these typosquatters and their kin. They find out who they are, send out legal notices and take action if their clients wishes are not met. The company estimates that around 20% of hand typed urls are misspelled which means there’s a significant market for typo domains. CitizenHawk employs its patented webcrawler TypoSlasher to takedown cybersquatters, saving companies time and money. No additional software or downloads are required to use TypoSlasher. In Their Own Words

“CitizenHawk’s digital brand management solutions help companies monitor, protect and enforce proper use of their brand online. CitizenHawk allows companies to protect one of their most valuable assets – their brand – and to reclaim millions of dollars in revenue lost through accidental traffic being monetized by fraudulent domain holders through PPC advertising, gambling, pop-ups, spyware, affiliate fraud and other spurious means.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

CitizenHawk provides brands with an extremely useful tool. It gives companies a chance to fight back against internet infringers who take away significant revenues and wreak general havoc. Cybersquatting is a large market which means CitizenHawk could become quite popular.

Some Questions About

Does CitizenHawk really work? How will they pursue cybersquatters in other countries? What’s their track record look like?