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Citijournalist.comCitijournalist is an entertaining blog that focuses on strange news pieces from around the world. Like most blogs, the format is familiar and lists the most recent entries on the homepage which currently include such titles as: “Ringtones that only the Youth can Hear” and “Robber Swallows What He Stole”.


There are also sections for most popular stories, stories that have been commented on and featured pieces. If you like what you see, you can sign up to receive new postings by email or RSS feed. There are some really funny articles here and it’s obvious that a considerable amount of time goes into scouring the world’s online publications to find only the strangest pieces. In Their Own Words

“My blog has nothing to do with business, but everything else. This blog is a manifestation of my thoughts and outlook about Life and everything around it. I may get crazy at times and post gossips and scandals LOL. As long as they are real and lighten the heart, anything may go in.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sites that feature strange news are always popular because let’s face it, people like a laugh now and then. There is no reason why this well-designed blog won’t become increasingly popular.

Some Questions About

Can they incorporate a user submissions section and “Digg-like” voting to the site? Both of these things would help to make the blog even more dynamic than it already is.

Author : Caroline Bright

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