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Circl.esEarlier today I reviewed a site that let you use Facebook to make new friends (Speeksy), and now I find myself reviewing Simply put, is a dating site that uses Facebook to figure out who to connect you with. Just by giving access to your Facebook account, you’ll be letting the service find nearby people who are like you. Once that’s been done, you’ll get to approach these that you seem to think would be a better match for you. And your profile won’t ever be shown to any person you’ve already come across, and chosen to skip. Any person you tell the system you’re not interested in will be kept from seeing your profile.

And just in case you wonder, doesn’t share your full Facebook profile with anybody. Nor will you have access to other people ‘s. No, what lets its users see are headshots of each other, along with some information such as their interests, their tastes and how many friends they happen to have in common. And in no case will post anything to your Facebook profile without your permission, so you won’t have to worry about that either. In Their Own Words

Welcome to the simplest dating website ever. Real, single people. Like you. Living nearby. Who you’ve never met.

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Haven’t other sites tried to do something similar before, and failed?