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ChristmasList.comYou’ve been a good boy all this year, and you deserve something nice for Christmas. You’ve created a list that reflects that. And the logical thing to do with that list would be sharing it with all your friends and family, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s what this new service is all about. On this site you can both create and share Christmas lists with all the significant people in your life. You can make it clear what you want, and also how badly you want it. You can even include links to these online stores where the items that you want can be bought at the best prices. So your friends will be able to get them even faster, without having to go and compare prices themselves.


Once a list has been created, then that can be found using the site’s search engine. So, it’s very easy to know what people that you care about (but who don’t think of you as one of their best friends yet) want for Christmas. This site will let you show them how much you care for them, and give them a pleasant surprise when the time has come. In Their Own Words

You’ve made your list. You’ve checked it twice. But instead of an iPod Nano you got a mini piano. Next year avoid the confusion and get exactly what you want with It’s the easy answer to the “What do you want for Christmas?” question.

Some Questions About

What will happen to the site after Christmas? Will it stay around, letting you create wishlists for other events?

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