search cancel -Video Classifieds Site -Video Classifieds SiteChosenlist is a new site that facilitates the posting of free video classified ads and lower-cost employment ads in a safe online environment. Currently limited to Arizona, but expanding quickly, Chosenlist is basically a cleaner looking Craigslist complete with the ability to upload video ads.


Like Craigslist, Chosenlist is a local classifieds solution, meaning that you first have to select your area to begin your searching. Next, either plug in a keyword or search by category and take advantage of being able to see video of the person you hire or the thing you buy before you commit. Perhaps the most interesting feature at Chosenlist is their Certified-Videographer Network in which people are trained as a videographer. After training, they are able to go throughout their community and solicit sales, make videos and take a commission. -Video Classifieds Site In Their Own Words

“’s mission is to provide a safe online destination for individuals and companies to promote their products and professional services, share videos, look for a new job and socialize with community members that have similar interests.”

Why -Video Classifieds Site It Might Be A Killer

The Certified Videographer Network is an interesting way to try and forcibly grow this webpage. If enough people are in need of a job, this site might take off by the sheer pushiness of these newly created salesmen.

Some Questions About -Video Classifieds Site

Does this site have a chance? It is Craigslist with video and without the quantity of ads. Does anyone really care about the video? -Video Classifieds Site

Author : Caroline Bright

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