– A Social Approach To Playlists

Choosen.tvWe could say that brings a true social touch to watching your favorite shows and these videos that you find and like enough to share, if only because the whole process is open-ended.

That is, through this site you can proceed to share a playlist and then other people will make a contribution to it, adding their own insight to what you have shared to begin with. For example, if you share a video of Patti Smith performing “Because The Night”, another person might add a live version of the song done by Bruce Springsteen, and another person can then add 10,000 Maniacs live take on the song at their famed MTV unplugged show.

That is just one example. You can also use this system to share NFL highlights and build an enormous collection of the best plays around, going as far back as the day in which a camera started rolling.

And playlists can not only be shared, they can actually be embedded on your blog or webpage. If we bear in mind that the site has no thematic restrictions of any kind, this means that people with the most diverse interests will be able to find something to match his tastes and needs. In Their Own Words

“Filtered creative online media.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives an added depth to the online sharing of videos.

Some Questions About

In which other ways can users of the site collaborate as one?