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ChompApps.comA newly launched application, Chomp is there to assist you in the pursuit of the best apps for your iPhone. Upon being installed, it will allow you to read reviews in real-time that come from people like you.


That is, you will be presented with a live stream made up of the rants and or raves of like-minded individuals – people that is the way you are, and not reviewers that might sometimes be distanced from your real needs. Reviews come with just 60 characters of text and an overall positive or negative appreciation.

Chomp also has some other options and features, and after the live stream the most important one is probably the “Recommendations” section since it will provide you with guidance that takes into account which apps you have already reviewed.

Finally, the app also makes for interacting with other reviewers since you can add people to your own Chomp and engage into one-to-one interaction. In this way, you can get in touch both with “celebrity” reviewers (IE, high profile ones) and the ones who have reviewed the most apps.

On the whole, the system is very straightforward – not a single distraction is provided, and if you want to have a good insight into which apps could be worth your money by getting the basic facts this is as good as it gets. In Their Own Words

“Live app reviews.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it is very intuitive and certainly time-effective – you get the basic facts and nothing else that could distract you.

Some Questions About

How does it compare to other tools and sites in which apps are also reviewed? In which ways does it improve these, and in where does it lag behind?

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