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ChoiceA.comConcerning real estate the good people of believe there are two choices.


Choice A would be to do it yourself, and choice B would be to get an agent. helps you choose choice A by creating a site that has pulled together the useful material from the web and creating a space where buyers and sellers can connect directly without a middle man. helps both buyers and sellers find what they are looking for. There is a search engine on the site that lets buyers search for property with filters such as; property type, price range, location, and geographic range from destination. A list of properties appear, with a photo, address, and square footage of the property. You can choose to look at a map, or photo gallery to get more details or just click on the listing to get more information on the property and the connect information of the buyer. The listing provides lots of detailed information about the property like if it needs any repairs, how many rooms are in the property, etc has many tools for sellers to aide them in what can seem as the overwhelming process of selling their property. has tools and forms that help users list their property, negotiate, and then sell. All of the information and tools on are free, so take advantage of this site and choose In Their Own Words

“We are creating an alternative to the MLS because we think there needs to be a new model, and because we thought you should be able to list for free. We don’t walk both sides of the fence. There are hybrids and discounters, but we are a fresh start. We wiped the slate clean and started a 2nd national database – only this time it’s free and intended for the by-owner community. We are not affiliated with any brokerage or the MLS. We are not owned by any company that is a parent of or sister to a brokerage, and we are not owned by a mortgage bank. We’re just a small group of guys who have spent the past year buried behind pizza boxes and pop cans while building this site. We’ve given you forms to use for your transactions, built a clean interface, and kept everything simple and friendly by design.

The existing model was a bit monopolistic for our taste. We don’t want a big piece of the pie just because it’s a high-dollar transaction, heck we don’t even want a little piece of the pie, not even a crumb. We believe that there are two choices available in real estate: a) you can Do-It-Yourself, or b) find an agent. Put another way, you have: ChoiceA or choice B. We are drawing a line in the sand. We are putting our foot down. We believe you are empowered by the Internet and all of its tools and should be able to choose between more than one database.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has fulfilled its goal of creating a clean, orderly interface. All of the graphics and icons are crisp and clear and navigating the site is a piece of cake. helps both buyers and sellers do it themselves instead of having to rely on a real estate agency. With all of the material and information on the web it is about time that people become more independent and take full advantage of these free materials. helps people by creating a space where they can find the materials and information they need to sell their property.

Some Questions About could add more Web 2.0 features such as forums where people could discuss issues they had when they sold their property. We can always learn more from people’s experiences. At the moment there are only listings and forms for the states of California, Oregon and Washington. Does plan on extending the service to other states as well?

Author : Charly Zaks

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