– Check Into Sites Instead Of Places

Chkin.atBy now, we’re all used to the concept of checking into Foursquare whenever we are at any kind of venue. It takes only a second, and it lets all the people in our lives know where to find us if they need us. Which is just great. But there’s more to the concept of using check-ins, as this new startup proves. lets you check into sites instead of places. When using, you can tell everybody that you’re currently on Facebook, going through the latest stories that your friends have posted. Or that you’re reading the latest posts to have been published on your favorite technology blogs.

Just like Foursquare, lets you earn points and prizes for all your activity. The more active you are, then the most respected you’ll be by other users of the site.

Unlike Foursquare, though, is not a mobile app. No, it’s an extension that you install on your browser, and that lets you check into sites right as you’re visiting them.

All in all, a very novel and intelligent service. Check it out – both Firefox and Chrome are already fully supported.

Some Questions About

Will other browsers be supported later? If yes, which will be supported first of all?