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ChizMax.comWant to check out the lyrics to the latest hit songs, but don”t want to deal with the usual popups and spam that come with it? ChizMax is a search engine of music lyrics and music videos. You can do a simple search on the homepage or an advanced search if you only know the artist´s name but not the song title, or something along those lines.

It claims to have millions of songs and videos in its database. Give it a try; it sure beats Google-ing “song lyrics ‘rocket man´” and then following the links, and sites like are bound to give your computer lots of yummy cookies and pop-up treats. In Their Own Words

“Search millions of song lyrics and videos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everybody loves to look up lyrics, and now they are all here in one place.

Some Questions About

When I tested the site the searches turned up with errors. Looks like the site has a bug.