search cancel – A Twitter Comment Feed Twitter mashup for your consideration: Chirrup. Chirrup, developed by the British Angry Amoeba, brings Twitter comments directly to your blog or website.


It’s a simple union, that makes perfect sense; it couples your blog with developments on Twitter, so your loyal readers won’t have to switch back between the two. So whatever chatter happens on Twitter, can be directly linked to the content you’ve written. Chirrup makes this possible by fetching all replies from Twitter and sorting them by URL to give you a comment feed on your site. You can post the feed anywhere you wish. To download Chirrup you’ll need some space with any PHP supporting hosting provider and the ability to add Javascript to your site’s HTML templates. In Their Own Words

“Twitter comments for your blog, wiki, website, whatever!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Chirrup is indeed a very handy Twitter based app. Twitter being as popular as it is, it only makes sense to pull in tweets into a comment feed for your blog or website. Setup is simple and basically effortless. Chirrup works across most popular browsers, so it shouldn’t affect your readers’ habits; rather it enhances your blog by making it more unified.

Some Questions About

Does Chirrup easily integrate with most blogging platforms? Does it work across operating systems?

Author : Siri Marshall

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