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Chirpify.comA commerce platform for Twitter? Why not? It’s got everything going for it. Being able to list these items you want to sell in real time and get immediate offers from any of the thousand of contacts you’ve got there is naturally attractive. Just give Chirpify a try, and see what I mean. This e-commerce platform lets you use Twitter to buy, sell and donate pretty much anything you want. Chirpify uses PayPal to process payments, and tweets with the relevant commands (IE “Buy”, “Sell” and “Donate”) to carry transactions.


A service like this one has the merit of lending itself both to commercial and personal transactions. You can use Chirpify not just to buy something that a close friend is publicly advertising on Twitter, but also to repay money that had been lent to you.

And leaving aside the instant reach that any platform that’s been built on top of Twitter has got, Chirpify must be commended for how easy it makes it for people to share what’s being advertised. A simple retweet is enough to spread any listing around and around. In Their Own Words

The Twitter commerce platform.

Some Questions About

Will this become the way in which we buy and sell items in the future?

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